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About SNR Knives

Welcome to the SNR Shop my name is Arlyn James. I've always wondered how things worked, why things broke, or how they could be made better. This curiosity eventually led me to machining, product design, and knife making.

I first worked on a knife with my father when I was 5 or 6. He cut and we glued the new scale on my buck knife. It was too thick and cut short but i sanded it flush anyway. He taught me  to weld when I was 7 and I continued to work with wood and metal over the years.

My father was a Contractor I learned a lot from helping him over the years I help out in a julery shop a bit, then for 3 years during high school I worked for a local Rental Yard pumping propane, cleaning, fixing, and renting equipment. I spent 2 years doing Hvac after high school Andy knew I didn’t want to Ben in the construction industry. I then spent my 21st birthday at The Dump my new job! Running equipment recovering Freon and finding stuff...
At 24 I had lost my job it was a temporary position.  I was tired of dead end jobs. I wanted to get better at making things, I decided to become a machinist. I walked into Kosman Specialties shop by accident, on my way to a cnc shop interview next door I didn’t feel like the interview went very well. Instead of getting  back into my truck I could almost see a Visual fork in the road... I truly felt it could be a life changing moment. I turned around and walked back into Kosman Specialties a premier NHRA drag bike chassis manufacturer. I learned how to run big lathes, manual milling machines and saw awesome things daily. With in one year I was esintally the lead Machinist. Sandy decided to buy a 1993 Haas vf3 CNC machine. With the help of my 300$ downloaded Haas manuals (I paid to get them printed) and a Fadal program from one of Sandy’s suppliers I was making parts. I eventually taught myself how to program and run a Haas CNC Machine once I got my hands on a cad/cam package. I worked there for only 3 years mostly on the manual machines. With my new machining experience, I was hooked and began searching and dreaming of a CNC of my own. 10 years later I've got my CNC and have just begun my journey into machining products of my own design. 

Before i considering knife making I seriously asked myself "Do I have anything to offer the knife making community?".... I realized with an eye for fine detail and superb functionality I will design and create the toughest, most innovative, unique, products! No matter what!

I'm now older My wife and I have been together for the last 16 years we have Two daughters Hunter 7 and Noa 5. We look forward to designing and creating more innovative products for you. Thank you for your support! and for visiting the SNR Shop!